4 non-technical skills for software developers

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2 min readJul 25, 2022

Being a software developer requires you to be constantly informed about new technologies and keeps you on an always-improving journey. Although this journey most times are exclusive to technical skills and honing better programming capabilities. Here we talk about 4skills that would be a great add-on for software professionals who are just starting out and haven’t thought about soft skills as much.

  1. Communication

Being able to communicate effectively, means being able to put across your thoughts clearly and precisely in all forms of written & verbal communication. Good communication also means having good listening skills, comprehension skills, responsiveness, and more. Some good tips for improving on this front are (1) checking your understanding while being assigned a task or otherwise (2) responding to or acknowledging any communication directed to you (3) being expressive, trying to use opened ended conversation methods, rather than one-worded answers or vague questions.

2. Time management

As a software developer, you are always working on either inter-dependent tasks or timelines. Being able to deliver efficiently requires good time management skills. You should be able to plan your day out efficiently enough to not feel overwhelmed but also achieve whatever was lined up for the day. There are many different methods a lot of different people use, some of which are prioritizing, advance scheduling, starting early, to-do lists with deadlines, daily time auditing, etc.

3. Task management

This skill is super important, especially if you are someone who likes being responsible for your own time and outputs. You should be able to deliver efficiency, by properly comprehending the task at hand, and creating an execution plan on it before diving in. Time management and task management go hand-in-hand. Here are some tips for better task management, making reasonable time estimates, avoiding multitasking or distractions, taking breaks, and using time management.

4. Teamwork

Teamwork skills consist of interrelated abilities that let you work effectively in an organized group. This happens when people cooperate and use their individual skills to achieve common goals. Skills such as problem-solving, decision making, reliability, critical thinking, listening, etc are what consist of teamwork. If you are someone who enjoys working in bigger organizations and teams, this is a skill that can not be missed.

According to us, you should start honing these skills early in your career. Tell us in the comments, what other skills you think are important too!



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