How to choose a Bootcamp?

  1. Start your search! Have a few filters charted out when you start your search, such as durations, locations, subjects, costs, etc
  2. Filter out your search even further by reading reviews and doing a more intensive online search on the Bootcamps users' stories. Read outcome reports, and try to get in touch with the alumni to get first-hand recommendations.
  3. Find out about the teaching style and if it suits your learning style. Is it live interactions or async to the core? Will you get a chance to interact with an instructor for 1-on-1 feedback sessions? Will your assignments be graded and set you on a path of improvement?
  4. Once you’ve completed the previous 4 steps, you should have narrowed down on a couple of boot camps that are offering exactly what you are looking for. After which you can make your choice based on your preference, or you could try out their introductory courses that are usually free of cost before making any decision.



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McLaren College

McLaren College


An online school designed to identify and train people for software engineering careers who otherwise may not have such an opportunity.