Pros of Asynchronous Online Learning

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2 min readMay 4, 2022

The options available for learning Javascript are endless, every form of lesson is published, including written, code editor tutorials, live class, and pre-recorded versions. Here we will focus on the pre-recorded version to help you understand whether this fits your need in learning JavaScript.

Understanding the terminology: pre-recorded courses also known as asynchronous online learning are a self-paced learning model wherein the learner has the control that is control over when to study, how much to study, and the pace of study.

The benefits: here we list a few of the topmost beneficial features of asynchronous online learning

1. Flexibility in terms of schedule

The recorded version allows you to take the class anytime at your own convenience. You can identify the most productive time where you can focus on each topic and continue on your learning journey at ease.

2. Repeat/Review friendly

It also allows you to repeat and review previous modules. You don’t have to ask your instructor to repeat a concept with the entire class. You can go back to a specific timestamp and repeat it over and over to absorb certain ideas.

3. More time to cross-reference other resources

You can pause anytime and cross-check other resources that you have especially if you want to dig deeper into certain areas in the module. No pressure is learning more or understanding more with several resources. You manage how you would like to understand concepts in your own method.

If you think you will benefit from joining an asynchronous online learning course, signup for our newly launched ‘Foundations to JavaScript’ asynchronous course, here’s a link.

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