Why you should learn React.js?

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2 min readApr 6, 2022

Whether you are a new developer or a veteran Js believer, it’s pretty widely known by now — the importance of React.js. It’s one of the most popular skills to possess in the tech industry while being the most loved and used web library among professional developers.

React.js is also super easy to use, scale, and build for developers. Whereas for companies, it’s super-efficient, cost-effective, and delivers really quickly. This explains the high market demand for react developers across the globe, including the FAANG or other Big Tech companies.

This technology also enables you to spread your development forte to mobile and VR applications, not keeping you confined to web-dev.

So if soaring salaries aren’t enough for you to make the switch, here’s a list of some more reasons on why you should learn React.js

  • Scale up your development career along with your income
  • Increase your pool of job opportunities — keep JavaScript at the forefront
  • Becoming more efficient with your code/ development — not just using components
  • Having a faster turn-around-time with your product built
  • Be able to scale widely across Andriod & IOS with the same code
  • Be part of one of the largest & most amazing developer communities
  • You can use React.js in any combination to create a tech stack that fit’s your development need
  • Be part of the continuous improvement journey of the technology itself, since it was originally created by Facebook, they’re ensuring its futuristic progress.
  • Learning React.js is the easiest thing you’ll do after mastering JavaScript

If you want to read more about the MERN stack, you can read our previous article that briefly explains this stack alongside a few examples.



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